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“The earth, the air, the land and the water are not am inheritance from our fore fathers but on loan from our children. So we have to handover to them at least as it was handed over to us.”                                                                                                                                                                 …… Mahatma Gandhi


    Secretary Ms.Amrita Gupta, in a countryboat at sundarban     


Presently there many environmental issues which have grown in size & complexity to such a dimensions that they are threatening the balance of Mother Nature. Global warming is amongst the most dreaded problems of the new millennium. It can lead to irreversible changes in the delicate balance that exists in the planet’s climate and life systems. In the developing country like India, where rocketing population growth has resulted into over-urbanization, the ecological & environmental awareness is thus most essential. Government is taking several steps but that is not sufficient.

Effective implementation of environmental management and conservation programs depends on education, awareness raising and training in the relevant areas. Project ‘Green Mission’ is an effort to sensitise & mobilise students towards sustainability. Plantation drive is the most effectual component of this project. Through this on going project we are aspiring to build 1 million Green warriors who can think ecologically, and have the will, ability & courage to act.

We are also exploring various folk forms of Bengal. These folk. lores  are executed to express joy & celebrate the glory of nature. Special stress is given on the dance form ‘baghanritya’ found in remote village of Sundarban. The group is not only taking the effort to save this rich cultural heritage from the verdict of extinction, also playing a dynamic roll in various activities of the Society, training the children & trying to rehabilitate rural folk artists with proper respect.

A popular forest villager’s mourning goes “Only when the last tree has died, the last river been poisoned & the last fish been caught will we realize we can’t eat money’ ……….…………… We need to do action on the ground before it is too late. In this respect each one of us has a role to play as a symbol of a responsible society.  Individual efforts towards sustainability may seem like drops in the ocean. However, the impacts from the positive changes from these efforts by millions of people will make significant contributions towards a more climate friendly Mother Earth. Let us take the oath ‘CONSERVATION STARTS WITH ME’- do our bit now for our city, country and our planet. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important you do it.”


So let’s initiate the journey towards better, safer & greener earth for our progenies!


Objective of the organization:                                                                                        

 a) Conservation of nature & its resources, cultural heritage and establish a proper infrastructure in forest area to conduct those activities.    

b) Mass awareness on forest conservation, wildlife protection, environmental crisis, social issues, and health & hygiene, maintenance of street & pet animals.                               

c) Extend education, culture, nutrition, health services & environmental awareness among the under privileged children.

d) Empowerment of the women of weaker section of the society through education, awareness (e.g. woman rights, health, environment, etc.), vocational training & other employment assistance.